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Jennifer Jean Costello

Growing up the child of Asian and Caucasian parents, my 2D artwork (primarily oil on canvas and wood) is a reflection of what is beautiful and sometimes misconceived in both cultures. My use of color and creative texture lend harmoniously from the natural world—having grown up with an environmental engineer parent—and my heritage influences. I derive inspiration for my paintings from a wide variety of subjects, and I try to convey a sense of motion and to evoke a wide range of emotions. Each piece and series is inspired by my own life, through language and travel experiences and by poems, e.g. Arthur Rimbaud’s prose poem "Départ" from Illuminations, "Je est un autre," among others. Poems have a way to speak the truth, to empower and encourage the reader as 2D and 3D artworks affect the viewer. Thus adding conflict, balance and harmony to shape a ‘my’ work's form and energy—lending to our departure with the stations of life in search of new noise and passion.